Custom Data Mining

Large data set? Mission critical business questions that the data can answer?

You need data scientists to extract the answers.

We can do this since we know data science.


Patent Selling

Own some patents? Want to sell them to raise funds?

You need to prepare expert market-tested offering materials, and pitch them to hundreds of potential buyers.

We can do this for you through Aqua.

Patent Buying

Are you being threatened by patent holders? Thinking of buying some of your own for defense?

The patents you need to buy are needles in a haystack, with no liquid market for them.

We can guide you through this process.

Patent Fencing

Worried about competitors? Need to patent the future of your space?

You need to follow a rigorous, expert process to identify and create the best future inventions.

We can drive this process for you.


Strategic Planning

Have a strategic initiative in mind, but don't have employees to work on it?

You need to research the initiative and develop an insightful action plan.

With you, we can develop this plan.

Strategic Positioning

Need to develop a strategic position paper, but don't have employees to work on it?

You need to research the issue, create the position, and support it with the research.

With you, we can develop this position paper.