Our diverse set of services — data, patents, and strategic planning — can help you meet your business objectives. Our capabilities are wide ranging and flexible to your specific needs. We've been delivering these services to our clients since 2008.

Why 'Jack Polymath'? Well, the 'Polymath' part of our company name comes from our experience that expertise, in a wide range of disciplines, is highly useful in consulting work. 'Jack' reflects our belief that this diverse expertise is achievable by most of us. (The blog post You, the Polymath explains how the 80-20 rule supports our belief.)

Co-founder and CEO Peter Savich is our main producer of service deliverables, and is responsible for backend operations. Peter has formal experience in computer science, law, business strategy, and basketball. In addition, he has informal, but deep, experience in the areas of personal health, political analysis, 3D printing, the neuroscience of personality, and web-based business operations.

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