On the Look Out

With this post, I'm annoucing that I'm looking for another startup project. This doesn't mean that I'm quitting Tonal. Heck no!

Tonal is a consulting client of mine. And as a consultant, I serve multiple clients at the same time. Sometimes, my clients are startups; other times, large companies like Yahoo! and Nike.

But technically (and legally) speaking, I am an employee of Tonal. We set up the working arrangement this way for reasons orthogonal to the work. To be specific, I'm actually a part-time employee.

The nature of the patent development work that I do for Tonal, given my deep and lengthy expertise in this domain, doesn't require all of my attention in a typical week. Hence, the part-time arrangement.

So, this explains why I am "on the look out" for another startup client, while at the same time, I am employed by Tonal.

I'll conclude this post with two thoughts about "employment".

First, with the first of two years completed on my Tonal employment agreement, I can say, unequivocally, that I love this job!

For one thing, I love working with the Tonal people who, as a group, are smart, fit, and collegial. The picture of this post is a photo snapped by one of my Tonal colleagues on his way to the office last week. He posted that picture on the company Slack account, writing: "@peter.savich723 you have some competition". :)

Over the past year, even showing up just one day a week, I have gotten to know these folks quite well. I believe many will remain my friends long after the two years is done.

This is not typical with my normal consulting projects. With those, I usually become close with only one or two people — the people who serve as my main contact with the client.

I also love the side projects I'm doing for Tonal. These projects occurred to me specifically because I'm at the company every week, talking to many different people, seeing with my own eyes what is missing and needed. I can't see these things in our typical, consulting projects.

My second thought about employment concerns San Francisco. To the right is a satellite photo of my family's house (in the center of the image), located in the Southwest fringe of the Bay Area metropolis. Clearly, we live in a small clearing within a vast forest. Wildlife abounds — the view out of our kitchen windows is "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom".

To the left is a satellite photo of Tonal's office in San Francisco (in the center of the image), located in the Potrero Hill district. Clearly, we Tonal employees work within a vast concrete forest. There is wildlife here too, but of a different variety.

I love both of these wild places. Both feel like home to me.

I first came to San Francisco in the summer of 1985, when I was 22 and playing basketball for the Canadian National Team. We stayed in the area for four days, coming from Toronto and heading to Taiwan for an international tournament.

I still remember walking the streets of the City for the first time, amazed at its beauty. Love at first site.

Older now, I'm still in love. Every week I take the train to San Francisco. Getting off the train in the City, and walking the streets and alleyways to the company, I feel invigorated, just as I did at 22.

Now, to be clear, I have served clients all around Silicon Valley and parts beyond. It's just that San Francisco holds a special place in my heart and I am stoked to be working there.