My Work at Tonal

I've been working for the fitness startup Tonal since June 2017. Tonal launched last month, after years of intense development.

My chief role with the company involves driving the development of a strong patent portfolio. This includes the harvesting, fencing, and purchasing of patents. Harvesting involves filing patents based on the existing work of the company. Fencing is about protecting, via patents, future features that haven't yet been developed. Finally, buying is what it sounds like: purchasing relevant patents owned by third parties.

Once a week, I take the train up to Tonal, which is based in San Francisco. The office setting is fabulous, but even more impressive are the people.

The Tonal employees are all extremely talented in their work. And, as a former serious athlete myself, I admire their physicality. I suppose this might be expected, given that Tonal is a fitness startup. However, it's still quite impressive to be working amongst "buffed" engineers, "lean and mean" marketing folks, and "ripped" operations staff.

Beyond talented and fit, they are wonderfully collegial.

Working with Tonal is a pleasure for me. And it's great to be finally blogging about this super startup.