Marketing Jack Polymath

The previous post ends with the question: "Why would I want to do this kind of 'heavy lifting' work and blog about it for free, when that’s how I make my money?"

The short answer is: marketing.

As I noted in the previous post, the work of assessing patent quality is esoteric in nature. Not many people can do it well because it demands polymath expertise in three areas: law, technology, and business.

Because the work is esoteric, it's hard to describe it in the sort of pithy terms one would employ in Google AdWords. Moreover, because it's such a rare skill, it's not widely known that the work demands this tripartite expertise.

This is why, I believe, one regularly finds lawyers or engineers tasked with the job of assessing patent quality. Such people usually possess only one or two of the necessary skills, but not the third. This makes their work deficient. But they don't know it.

This is also why one regularly finds news stories discussing a noteworthy patent litigation without so much as mentioning patent quality.

The final kicker concerning marketing my skills is that my work is done very privately for companies, most of whom are extremely concerned about confidentiality. So, obviously, and it is unfortunate, but the last thing they want to do is market my skills to others.

Ergo blogging examples of my work.

The other reason for blogging this work is that I'm a blogger. I have a socio-political blog. A Twitter account I use to record personal health data. I'm the author of an hypothesis linking a theory of human personality to the brain.

The question isn't why I should blog about my work. The question is: What took me so long?

The answer is what I've said above. My work is confidential in nature; not something to be blogged about. And not exactly a marketing pro, yet, I didn't figure out this marketing angle until recently.