Blogger Unbound

My next blog is about the wireless power company Ossia and its founder Hatem Zeine. I've been waiting three years to blog about this. You see, three years ago, Hatem reached out to my then business partner Michael Pierantozzi looking for some help on patents. Michael pinged me, and that's when I first started working with Hatem.

Before launching into this post, I want to express how much of a pleasure it is to blog this.

In our consulting business, Michael and I were sworn to secrecy because our work dealt with hard sh#\$. Future sh%\^. Hard future sh#\$. We are in fact, still bound.

The thing about hard future sh@# is that, generally speaking, these are among the most closely guarded secrets of our clients.

Yet this work we do with and for our clients is so incredibly interesting! Eminently blog-worthy.

But no blogging for me. Since I can't blog about this work, I'm confined to blogging about hard future sh\$% in topics like politics, health, sport, psychology, etc.

Confined, that is, until today.

Free, free at last. :)