Below are the credentials of our Principal, Peter Savich, prior to his founding of Jack Polymath LLC. The reason why we highlight additional areas of expertise beyond the core domains of Business, Law, and Technology is explained here.
Core Expertise:

Additional Expertise:

Core Expertise

Business?1325303327 Business

YOUscription2007-01-09-founderinvent business: Conceiving and starting up YOUscription - Your body, your mind, your health..
Long Tail Rising2006-04-01-
authorwriting: Presenting business and social theories why the Internet's "long tail" has been on the rise, and why there will be only one winner among the Internet big players. (As of 2008, that looked to be Google).
Foo Camp 20052005-08-19-
inviteecollaborate: Participating in FOO Camp upon the invitation of Tim O'Reilly.
board memberadvise entity: Serving on the board of directors on behalf of Overture/Yahoo!, along with Doug Cutting, Tim O'Reilly, Mitch Kapor, and Raymie Stata.
Yahoo!, Inc.2004-01-01-
Business Liaisoninvent product(s): Conceiving and evangelizing of Yahoo! Mindset — an idea that originated with work on the blog Duck! and Gather.
plan product(s): Business planning for Yahoo! Research on breakthrough new ideas, including Yahoo!'s Mindset, Tech Buzz Game, Me2U Ads, and Idea Factory.
founderinvent business: Conceiving the idea that the open source movement was missing web search, and that its existence might help Overture; Dan Fain loved the idea and recruited the founder of Lucene, Doug Cutting, to drive this idea which Doug named "Nutch" (after his toddler's word for "lunch").
University of Waterloo2002-06-01honoreeJ.W. Graham Medal in Computing and Innovation: Receiving this honor about six years too soon, given subsequent innovative efforts.
Rivio, Inc.1999-09-01-
Chief Strategistadvise entity: Putting out fires wherever found in an Internet start-up including issues touching upon business, technology, and/or law., Inc.1998-01-01-
board memberadvise entity: Serving on the board of directors, which included Ron Conway, and helping out on questions on strategy from CEO Patrick Vane.
Microsoft Corp.1997-09-01-
Business Development Managerplan product(s): Articulating a theoretical and strategic basis for the approach of the MSN Shopping group to online shopping — a model that evidently won out circa Y2K; negotiating deals with CLECs.

Law?1325303327 Law

Yahoo!, Inc.2004-01-01-
Business Liaisoninvent patent(s): Co-inventing the patent application for Mindset.
develop patent portfolio: Sheparding inventions coming out of Yahoo! Research into the patent system.
Overture Services, Inc.2001-07-01-
consultantdevelop patent portfolio: Developing a "patent fence" around Overture's original paid search patent — work that probably played a key role in Yahoo!'s eventual acquisition of Overture.
invent patent(s): Co-inventing patent applications for multi-element bidding, and account monitoring.
VXtreme, Inc.1996-06-01-
in-house counselhandle legal matters: Serving as the chief in-house lawyer in a raw startup; the small legal team filed >50 patent applications, to the evident liking of acquirer Microsoft.
Fenwick & West1993-03-01-
junior lawyerhandle IP legal matters: Patent-related drafting, filing, licensing, partnering, and litigation.
Latham & Watkins1992-09-01-
junior lawyerhandle IP legal matters: Managing IP litigation.
Hon. Alfred T. Goodwin1991-09-01-
judicial clerkdraft bench memos: "Ghost writing" over twenty 9th Circuit opinions (i.e. bench memos copied into opinions).
Stanford Law School1988-09-01-
studentDoctor of Jurisprudence: Graduating Order of the Coif (top 10%).

Technology?1325303327 Technology

YOUscription2007-01-09-founderdevelop software: Developing this web site using the Ruby on Rails website development platform.
Fenwick & West1989-09-01-
consultantdevelop software: Designing and developing computer litigation support software.
Legalware, Inc.1987-12-01-
software developerdevelop software: Participating on a team developing litigation support software.
University of Waterloo1985-09-01-
studentMaster of Mathematics: A thesis on automating a certain approach for solving polynomial equations.
Bachelor of Mathemetics: Graduating within the top 2% of the class (according to an advisor).

Additional Expertise

Neuroscience_of_personality?1325303327 Neuroscience of Personality

The Enneagram and Patterns of Asymmetric Dominance in Orbitofrontal Cortex and Amygdala2007-12-01authorwriting: Self-publishing a 7-page paper summarizing the conclusions of the book "Personality and the Brain".
Personality and the Brain2002-09-01-
authorwriting: Self-publishing a (mostly finished) book that parses the Enneagram theory of personality, and shows how that parsing dovetails with the findings of neuroscience as of 2005.

Socio_politics?1325303327 Socio-Politics

authorwriting: Issuing nine bold predictions issued for President Bush's second term, long before others were on to these ideas — most of which have been realized.
Blog2003-06-01-authorwriting: Blogging, podcasting, predicting, and more. A 2008 book, Millennial Makeover, cites and discusses one of the blog postings.

Physical_health?1325303327 Physical Health

"petersbody" on Twitter2009-01-16-ownerrecording data: Since January of 2009, I have recorded various self-measured health data, including weight, waist circumference, hours of sleep, blood glucose, and blood pressure, which I tweet.
"peter" on YOUscription2007-01-01-authorwriting: Sharing useful experiences and deep learning on physical and emotional health with the YOUscription community.
LEF Male Blood Panel2006-05-15-
ownerblood test: Scoring extremely healthy every year on an annual comprehensive blood test (53 metrics — all but 1 or 2 within the healthy range).

Self_sufficiency?1325303327 Self-Sufficiency

Food2007-06-01-ownergrow food: Developing and operating an extensive organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard that delivers the best food at the best price.
Water2004-06-01-ownerfree water supply: Designing and building a gravity powered mountain creek and well water supply system providing free, ideal water.
free hot water: Researching, designing and installing a solar water heating system, providing free hot water.
Heatingownerfree home heating: Researching and installing super-efficient wood burning fireplaces; cutting, splitting, and hauling firewood for home heating (and for meditative exercise and Vitamin D via the sun).
ownerfree water supply: Designing and installing a solar powered well water supply system for property on a Greek island.

Basketball?1325303327 Basketball

Preston High School2005-05-20honoreePreston High School Hall of Fame: Accepting induction in the first year of existence of this high school Hall of Fame.
City of Cambidge, Ontario2001-05-31honoreeCambridge Sports Hall of Fame: Accepting induction in this city sports-related Hall of Fame.
Panathinaikos Basketball Club1986-09-01-
playerplay basketball: Playing professionally in the Greek First Division in the final days before the big money came in, denying chumps even so much as a "cup of coffee" in that league.
University of Waterloo1986-03-15playerUniform Number Retired: Accepting this relatively rare honor.
Canadian National Basketball Team1985-06-01-
playerplay basketball: Playing for this team in the summer of 1985, in games in San Francisco and Taipei.
Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union1985-03-20playerCIAU Player of the Year: Receiving this award likely due to the fact that the fellow who should have won it played for a team that had committed violations. As it happened, that fellow won it the following year, so history was served.

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